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Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Bush Challenge




''Thanks Bermagui club for a fantastic day. It’s always a great day shooting at your club! It was a great layout with some challenging targets and the free lunch was delicious as always. Thanks again and we will definitely be back.''


''It’s a lovely club, very welcoming and always a great day.''


''A huge thank you from me and my son. We had a brilliant shoot today, a great start to the year. We will be back.''



Come and smash some clays with the Bermagui bunch.

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February 23, 2020

After three months without having a shoot (due to bushfires ) it was good to see 43 shooters and family members roll up to Bermagui Sporting Clays to contest the annual Safari Firearms Springing Teal Challenge.
The weather was perfect early, but a stiff little sea breeze snuck in late in the afternoon and bought a few shooters undone.
Shooters came from as far away as Karratha in W.A., Sale in Victoria, Albion Park Rail, Sydney, Batemans Bay, Cooma, Bega, Ulladulla, Canberra and Tumut to spend their money in our struggling little tourist town and enjoy a days clay target shooting at one of the best little gun clubs in the state: BERMAGUI SPORTING CLAYS.
Darren and Jan Redman with Mark Gschwend set two challenging courses, including a total of 40 springing teal (a vertical rising target which challenges the best of shooters).
Darren Redman was the eventual winner of the Springing Teal event with a score of 32/40. Grade winners are listed below.
Winner of the morning slab raffle was Dan Bruinsma, who travelled all the way from Karratha in W.A. to attend the shoot. Well done mate, and let's hope we catch up again soon.
Winner of the shoot raffle was Nev Brady, who, much to the treasurer's dismay but Shirl's delight, knocked off the $200 jackpot prize with a masterful display of precision shooting, despite some heavy heckling from the peanut gallery, while second prize went to club stalwart and all-round good bloke, Brucie Arthurson.
The president thanked all those present, especially the sponsor Safari Firearms, catering suppliers, office staff, chefs, set-up and pack-up crews and all those who helped out during the day.

Our next shoot, on March 22. will be the Bush Challenge, a SxS event (sashes), sponsored by Classic Racing and Performance Engineering.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE ... on the same program there will be an U&O event proudly sponsored by Far South Coast Excavations.
This has turned into our BIGGEST shoot of the year, and is one not to be missed.
Set up crew for the day is Phil Craig (course setter extraordinaire), his gorgeous wife Shelly, Wazza and Vicki Marshall and Rob Shaw. A fine crew, with excellent targets assured.

If you are unable to attend your allocated set up day roster, it is YOUR, responsibility to find a replacement person ... PLEASE do not ring Nev.

November 24, 2019

A Grade winners of Darren's Doubles , 1st Adam Shiels and Rick Adams (absent); 2nd Phil Craig and Nev Brady.

B Grade winners of Darren's Doubles, 1st Andrew Fairfield/Smith and Rob Shaw; 2nd Mario Magrin and Mark Coleman.

C grade winers of Darren's Doubles, 1st Jon Theobald and Geoff Smith; 2nd Peter Tomasi and Jarrod Ringland.

Carol Cook , Robbie Perkins and Jan Redman absent ( Vicki Marshall ) , winners of the Ladies. (Darren's Doubles).

High Gun on the day, Craig Field.

A grade winners Adam Shiels, Darren Redman, Richard Seears, Craig Field and Nev Brady.

C Grade winners: Matt Richardson, Bernie Parker, Patrick Jubb and Peter Tomasi.

Junior winners: Todd Thorne and Patty Thompson.

Ladies' winners: Sally Armstrong, Barbie Magrin, Wendy Crouch and Penny White.

OTG Club Champion: Rob Shaw; Handicap Champion: Bernie Parker.

Junior Club Champion: Patty Thompson.

CLUB PERSON of the YEAR: Phil Craig.

The overall winner of the GEORGE DIGWEED Trophy was Nev Brady in what could only be described as a magnificent display of dedication, determination and precision long-range shooting! 

Graded George Digweed winners: C Grade, Bernie Parker 70 metres; Ladies, Jan Redman 65 metres; B Grade, Col Brownlie 65 metres; Juniors, Patty Thompson 60 metres.

October 27, 2019

Rainer Brandmeier was the proud sponsor of our October shoot.
Rainer is basically a "non-shooter'' who sees the value to the community in general by sponsoring such an event. Thanks mate. Much appreciated, as always, by the Bermagui business community and Bermagui Sporting Clays.

40 shooters took part in the day in beautiful weather conditions.
Mick Durnan, Chris Raabe and Chris O'Dea set a top course which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Our next shoot will be our much awaited CHRISTMAS SHOOT on November 24. This shoot will once again be sponsored by Mr and Mrs Claus, and promises to be bigger and better than ever ( if that's possible ).

A FREE luncheon will be on offer to all those in attendance ( as is the norm at B.S.C. ), but the Chrissie luncheon is always that little bit extra-special.

Don't forget to bring some extra $$$$'s for the raffles and the GEORGE DIGWEED springing teal ($5x3, buy-back-in challenge ). ALL proceeds of this event go to our Rural Fire Brigade who do such a magnificent job protecting our little community.

Don't forget to DRESS for the occasion ...

September 22, 2019

September 22 was the annual Drakos Bros Construction and 777 Supermarket sponsored clay target shoot at the Bermagui Sporting Clays Range.
47 shooters fronted up to contest the event in mild and overcast conditions.
Jimmy Drakos and his team had set up 8 stations and the course was widely acclaimed as being one of the best ever set at Bermagui.
The shoot was also the second leg of the prestigious COOMAGUI CUP. After the previous week's effort at Cooma, the Bermagui crew were 34 targets in arrears, and although we won the day by 17 targets, it wasn’t enough to rein in the overall deficit, so Cooma retains the cup for another year.
Gav Moulding from Bermagui was overall high gun winner after a lengthy shoot-off with fellow AA-grade shooter Chris Davis from the Cooma gun club.
Morning slab raffle winner was Richard Warner from Cooma. The shoot raffle winner was also won by Gav Moulding who had no trouble in dusting the mandatory eight targets needed to collect the $100 jackpot.
The magnificent Benny’s Meat Tray, kindly donated by Rory Bridson from Cobargo, was won by Eddy Halub from Bermagui. Young junior shooter Dylan Watkins was having his first go at sporting clays and it will be a day he remembers for a long time.
Dylan won the Juniors category for the day, then picked up the lucky door prize of a magnificent fruit and vegie box, kindly donated by Rhonda Drakos from 777 Supermarket, and on top of all this, Gav Moulding, who won a slab of shells for overall high gun, kindly donated his prize to Dylan to try to help the young fella get started in the game. Oh, if only we could get a Safety and Training day established to help these kids get a start in the sport.
Penny White from Cooma was the lucky winner of the door prize while Bermagui’s winning COOMAGUI CUP team on the day consisted of Gav Moulding, Chris Raabe, Ron Manly, Zip Summerille, Jon Theobold and Leon Harrington with combined scores of 408.
Other winners were:
AA/A. 1st Chris Davis. 2nd Mark Corbett. 3rd Chris Raabe.
B. 1st Ron Manly. 2nd Zip Summerile. 3rd Daryl Newman.
C. 1st Jon Theobold. 2nd Leon Harrington. 3rd Patrick Jubb.
Ladies. 1st Robin Perkins. 2nd Barbie Magrin. 3rd Penny White.
Juniors: Dylan Watkins.
Our next shoot will be the Rainer Brandermier sponsored 100 target event on October 27.

Tony Crome will be the course designer.

August 25, 2019

On August 25 in ideal conditions, 34 shooters gathered at the Bermagui Sporting Clays range to contest the 19th running of the CHERYL BRADY MEMORIAL SHOOT. It was a shotgun start, with 8 stations to contend with in the morning, which were then all altered for the afternoon session. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and most people shot to their respective handicaps.

The popular and worthy winner of the perpetual shield and sash was Jarrod Ringland, who also put the icing on the cake by winning the shoot raffle and taking home the $300 jackpot prize.
At presentations the president once again thanked all the travelling shooters, along with the office staff, BBQ ladies, and the people who so generously donate goodies to our FREE luncheons. Mark Coleman from Cooma bought down some high country venison; thanks mate.
Morning slab raffle was won by Nev Brady, while the shoot raffle winner was Jarrod Ringland, and Eddy Holub will get to enjoy the magnificent Bennys meat tray.
The next shoot will be the Jimmy and Rhonda Drakos sponsored shoot on September 22, which will also be the 2nd Round of the COOMAGUI CUP.

July 28, 2019

July 28 was the annual Neil Rouse Memorial Shoot at Bermagui Sporting Clays, proudly sponsored by Patrick and Tatia Jubb. Thanks once again, gang.
* SPONSOR -- Patrick and Tatia Jubb.
* WEATHER -- Fine and sunny with no breeze.
* SHOOTERS -- 52 with families.
* VISITORS -- Cooma, Griffith, Traralgon, Batemans Bay, Marlo as well as the local brigade. Thankyou all.
* SLAB RAFFLE -- Ella Marshall.
* SHOOT RAFFLE -- Matt Richo (again). He shot extremely well but missed the last target.😉

CHEFS -- Elspeth and Shirl.
OFFICE -- Patrick, Muzz, Jon.
OFFICE HELPERS -- Chris Raabe, Matt Richo and Barb.
LUNCHEON -- All our fantastic supporters.
A.G.M. RESULTS -- President: Nev. Brady. Vice-president: Mario Magrin. Secretary: Jon Theobald. Treasurer: Patrick Jubb. Committee: Rob Shaw, Mick Durnan and Matt Richardson.

NEXT SHOOT: August 25, Cheryl Brady Memorial
SPONSOR: Bermagui Welding

Older results


June 23, 2019

A HUGE thankyou this month (June) goes out to our sponsors ,Scott and Lisa Bradley from BERMAGUI BAIT and TACKLE. Thanks once again for a magnificent day. 35 shooters attended on a beautiful winter day and enjoyed a vast array of targets which were all hitable, but nobody was good enough to string together a 25 /25. Once again Jon, Pat, Muzz, Barbie and Richo kept the office purring while Shirl and Elspeth did their usual 1st Class job preparing the delicious luncheon. Mark Coleman from Cooma won the morning slab raffle, while Matt Richo won his chance to shoot for the $200, but let one pass fairly early ( 1st target). Bad luck, mate.  Mick Diss was the happy recipient of the magnificent Bennys Meat Tray,bwhile Barbie Magrin took home a little nightcap. Place getters on the day were: A Grade......1 Mick Durnan, 2 Bobby Duncan, 3 Craig Field. B Grade .....1 Barry Dunn, 2 Richard Seears, 3 Adam Mower. C Grade......1 Jon Theobold, 2 Tom Peadon, 3 Craig Field. Ladies.........1 Carol Cook, 2 Vikki Marshall, 3 Barbie Magrin. Juniors........1 Patty Thompson. Our shoot day also happened to coincide with a 4 Winds concert which was being held at their multi-million-dollar entertainment centre at Barraga Bay. 4 Winds just happens to be one of the main opponents in Bermagui Sporting Clays' endeavours to get a Safety and Training day established once a month at our 'Million-dollar complex' three kilometres up the road. So the club thought it would be a good idea if a couple of our committee members could go down and see (and listen ) for ourselves, what their issues were regarding gun club noise. Myself and Rob Shaw attended, and were warmly greeted by 4 Winds personnel upon arrival, we then went inside this magnificent sound pavilion and listened to a briliant youth choir ( VOX ) from Sydney. Obviously well trained youngsters. The group was warmly applauded by those 100 people present as they left the room and went outside for interval. We spoke to several people during this time and they were quite taken aback when we told them that the gun club was in full swing as we spoke and they COULD NOT hear a thing . Back inside to listen to another hour of these very talented youngsters, and at the end they were given a very well deserved standing ovation by ALL present.

Back outside, gun club still in full swing, still NO NOISE, we again talked to several "off the street people " who had enjoyed the day, and to a man/lady they could not see what all the fuss was about and why we couldn't exist in harmony with each other, in such a small community. AMEN.

May 26, 2019

The A-Grade. winners on May 26 were: 1. Rob Shaw 2. Craig Field, 3. Mick Durnan, 4. Phil Craig.

B Grade.......1. Jimmy Drakos 2. Jarrod Ringland 3. Patrick Jubb, 4. Barry Dunn,  5. Mario Magrin.
C. Grade....   1. Bernie Parker, 2. Craigh Hurst, 3. Ken Buckley, 4. Mark Coleman.
Ladies.......1. Barbie Magrin, 2.Sally Armstrong, 3. Vikki Marshall, 4. Shelly Craig, 5. Michelle Watson, 6. Nikki Aldridge.

Juniors .......1. Pat Thompson, 2. Todd Thorne, 3. Ella Marshall.
Sponsor...Grumpy (Great prizes)
Targets...Well thought out and made you think.
Shooters..51 (thanks to all the travellers )
Morning Slab raffle...Lucky Buck
Shoot raffle ....Jarrod Ringland ( missed # 4 )
Bennys Meat Tray....Craig Field.
Fish .....Jimmy Drakos
B.B.Q, ....Shirl , Lisa and Elspeth.
Office ....Jon , Patrick , Muz and Barb.
Raffle Ticket Seller ...Barbie.
Luncheon ....You ALL know who you are. Thankyou.

April, 2019

AA/A-grade winners for April were Charlie Smith 92 , Phil Craig 100 and Barry Dunn 97, with Nev.

B-grade winners: Dave Bedingfield 96, Mario Magrin 94, Peter Watson 92.

C-grade winners: Chris O'Dea 113, Peter Tomasi 107, Mark Coleman 106.

Ladies' winners: Corina Rowling 108, Wendy Crouch 103, Penny White 96.

Junior winner: Patty Thompson 110.

Sponsor: Bermagui Country  Club (thankyou)

Weather: Beautiful autumn day.

Targets: Testing, but ALL showed face. Shooters: 44.

Morning slab raffle: Barry Dunn.  Shoot raffle: Mark Lazzaro ($200 jackpot ). Well done. Bennys Meat Tray: Chris O'Dea. 

March 24, 2019

March 24: A-grade winners: Bobby Duncan , Tony Crome, Rob Shaw.

B-grade winners: Mick Durnan, Jimmy Drakos, Barry Dunn.

C-grade winners: Bernie Parker, Willy White, Matt Richo.

Ladies: Jan Redman , Shell Craig, Corina Rowlings.

Juniors: Patty Thompson.

Shoot sponsors: Friends and family of Mark Raabe and Dave Cook.

Set-up crew: Chris and Amber Raabe, Craig Field,,Patrick Jubb, Roger Budd and Chris O'Dea.

Courses: 2x6 stations, with a great array of targets.

Weather: Ordinary to start off, but turned into a cracker.

Visitors: Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla, Cooma.

Slab raffle: Tom Peardon.

$150 Shoot raffle: Bryan Boon ( better luck next time Gun ) ... but they looked so easy Nev. 🙄. Benny's Meat Tray: Sally Armstrong. Bye-bye: Darren and Jan Redman (Weipa).

February 24, 2019

H/G winner of the Safari Firearms Springing Teal Challenge on February 24 was Craig Field.

February 24 was the SAFARI FIREARMS annual Springing Teal Challenge, proudly supported by Gary Georgiou and his family.  Darren and Jan Redman and their crew set up two courses for the 40 shooters who attended the day, and everyone came away with a smile on their face, which is usually a good sign that the course designers got it right. Huge thanks, once again, go out to our MAGNIFICENT office staff , BBQ ladies, gourmet luncheon providers, raffle ticket sellers, Hursty's fish and the pack-up crew. Col O'Brien won the morning slab raffle, while Sally Armstrong was the lucky recipient of the Benny's Meat Tray. Muzz won the chance to shoot for the $150 shoot raffle jackpot, but let one of the overheads slip under his guard. Bad luck ol' mate. Craig Field is shooting in fine form at the moment and took out the H/G award as well as the Springing Teal Challenge. WINNERS for the day were:- H/G: Craig Field 88 AA: Darren Redman 86 A: Rob Shaw 81, Chris Raabe 80, TonyCrome 80 B: Mario Magrin 74, Barry Dunn 69, Chris Robinson 68 C: Jarrod Ringland 70, Col O'Brien 66, Dave Bedingfield 65 L: Jan Redman 71, Sally Armstrong 54, Barbie Magrin 39 J: Patty Thompson 54 The club would once again like to thank Gary Georgiou and SAFARI FIREARMS for their ongoing support, and we urge ALL our members, friends and families, to deal with Gary whenever the opportunity arises.  Our next shoot is on March 24 and is the Mark Raabe and Dave Cook Memorial, proudly sponsored by the Raabe and Cook families and friends. Make sure you jot this one down on your shoot calendar, and come on out and support the day, and in doing so remember two of our finest past members, who travelled all over OZ promoting our great sport. Set-up crew :- CHRIS RAABE.......Craig Field, Patrick Jubb, Chris O'Dea, Jan Raabe, Ron Manly. Till next time :- Shoot straight and often.

January 27, 2019

Muzz and Barbie Magrin proudly sponsored our second January shoot yesterday (Jan 27). The weather was mild and balmy for most of the day, with light S.E. winds, making for a most enjoyable day's shooting; the late shower, we could have done without. Visitors came from Cooma, Sydney, Melbourne, and Goulburn, as well as the local crew.

Thanks to everyone who travelled and made the day a success. Muzz and Barb put on a great display of prizes, which were certainly appreciated by the winning recipients. Format for the day was English Sporting, which is Pairs only, and basically a single-barrel event, which predictably kept scores a little bit down on the day.  Exception to the rule was Chris Raabe who shot a very credible 101/112 ... well shot mate. Set-up and Pack-up Crews - Thanks to ALL involved. Morning Slab Raffle - Willy White. Shoot Raffle Winner - Nev (good clubman, missed an early bird, so jackpot next shoot to $150 ) Benny's Butchery - Craig Field Donations to our FREE LUNCHEON.- Cathy Bishop, Michelle Dedlif, Elspeth Dunn, Shirl Brady, Shelly Craig, Dale Allison, Justin Mann, Carla Durnan, Barbie Magrin, Amber Raabe, Rob Shaw, Lisa Bedingfield, Richard Watto, Pat Field and Thomas Tasker.(THANKYOU ALL) Trapper - Rob Shaw (stuffed shoulder, but still managed to trap, sell raffle tickets and shoot some videos ... thanks mate. Office - Muzz , Jon and Patrick. B.B.Q.-Shirl and Elspeth.  TILL NEXT TIME - SHOOT STRAIGHT AND OFTEN

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